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28 mars 2010 7 28 /03 /mars /2010 18:25


Welcome to this blog where I am going to tell you my story , or at least the beginning.

In June 2008, at 35 years old, I am stuck with crutches for 1 week because of a tendonitis. New shoes that are too small, practice of a team sport (Ultimate) or too much roller blading, maybe dehydration...we will never know why.

My doctor diagnosed an Achilles tendonitis: anti- inflammatory pills, crutches, ice, one week rest. Summer passes, new running shoes help me get better, but it is not perfect.

I start work again in September, the pain is still here. I start exercising again, it is not great but I manage to get some running in. I am limping...people tell me: ‘tendonitis takes a long time to heal, patience.  It eventually gets better but it takes time. A tendonitis heals itself but it takes time.’ OK, I am patient and I am limping...

A year later, I can still feel the pain at the end of the day. I crop the back of my sports shoes to free up the tendon, which feels good. By the way, in town shoes a little lift sole under the heel has the same effect. Summer arrives so does the beach and the pain gets worse. I start limping again...

My doctor sends me to see a podiatrist, who diagnoses feet collapsing to the center and prescribes insoles with an uplifted heel and support for the plantar arch. The doctor is confident that this will cure my problem. Great...first these insoles do not fit in all my shoes, secondly: how am I supposed to drive with platform shoes? I now understand the nightmare women experience when trying to drive in high heels. The clutch pedal is not my friend. I am limping again.

Several months later with the same pain, I am recommended to a famous doctor specialized in sport traumas. It is now winter 2009. Tests, diagnostic: Achilles Tendinopaty, physiotherapy, Stanish re-education protocol. This doctor takes the time to examine my ankle and identifies that the pain located at the insertion of the tendon in the calcaneum is very localized. To which, I cannot agree more.

The first physiotherapist is not even worth mentioning. He denigrated the Stanish protocol by accusing the doctor of a know it all. Hi idea was : electricity, ultra-sound, ice and that’s it. 5 sessions latter, I switch to a new Phisio. This one is said to be good. Osteopath and Phisio, he takes the time to listen to me and accepts the Stanish protocol. To which he adds : handling, massages, ultra-sounds and electricity. 10 sessions later …I no longer limp. The pain decreases. Driving is no longer a punishment but a slight discomfort remains. Shoes without the lift sole under the heel are still a problem. The tendonitis seems to want to disappear but something is still not right. In short, things are better but not good yet.

I go back to see the specialist (the same one, might as well go back to the same if he is efficient). MRI. The sentence falls: ‘Normal aspect of the calcaneun tendon but presence of a little calcaneus gangnlion cyst inside the bone near the insertion of the tendon. A little intraarticular outpouring in the ankle astraglien and deputy astraglien.’ In short, I have a cyst in the bone where the tendon is attached to the bone. No treatment available, surgery is too risky compared to the benefit. I no longer really limp…it still hurts…for 21 months now.

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